Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kak Ros's Fried Rice

It has been 4 consequent  Thursdays of sending food to the congregation at Masjid SS8.  Each time we had our 'intentions' and last night was for the  'tahlil' or Quran recitations  in the memory of Miss B's late father, who passed away early this month. (Alfatihah).

The late Uncle Ahmad was the epitome of a happy father of daughters.  4 daughters.  He passed away  peacefully and I can say contentedly because being a close friend to Miss B, I know how he was dotted upon by his  wonderful daughters.  'Daddy girls',  who showered him with not only with lots of love but met to all of his material needs. To that I dare say, daughters are the best,  being one and having 3 of my own.  Double standards towards daughters is going down.  (That still exist you know).

We cooked and packed Kak Ros's Fried Rice, threw in apples and drinking water in the food packs and off  they go to the mosque. (Ya Allah, terima lah doa dan sedeqah kami. Ameen)

The recipe today is Kak Ros's fried rice.

Kak Ros Fried Rice  for (4 person)

4 cups of cooled completely  rice that has 1/2 tsp  salt added and rubbed  into evenly
4 pips of garlic, pounded or grinded
1 (small) big yellow onion (bawang besar) pounded
3 green chili padi (thai chillies)  pounded with a bit of belacan
A few pieces chicken fillet, cut into small pieces
1 cup of thawed mixed vegetable
4 tbsp of oyster sauce
Salt according to taste


Saute in oil  the garlic and onions till fragrant.  Add pounded chillies.  Add chicken fillet.  Add oyster sause.  Add the vegetable.  If too dry, add 3 tbsp of water.

When chicken and veg is cooked, add the rice. Mix and cook well. Season with salt to your liking if necessary. Sprinkle fried shallots.

Rezzy helping with the packing.

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